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Gearing up for an awesome winter season

There are many ideas for blogposts swimming around in my mind at the moment  –  autumnal nights are drawing in however the uncharacteristic warm and dry evenings for this time of year have meant more time spent walking and less time writing. Having read extensively on the subject of performance optimisation and the intrinsic nature of excellence over the Summer, I am eager to take everything I learned whilst at the vice and on the Thames into the winter season at my local lake.

Basic casting technique is something that has to be practised regularly… From my catch catalogue page, you will see that apart from one dream sea trout and a very unlucky baitfish, the rest of my outings were blank days: I banked many valuable hours of casting practise and at last I am completely at home with my line basket to help protect loose line from being trodden into the mud or getting stuck amongst leaves.

On the vice, I sprang several leaps up the learning curve and feel more at home with a number of new tying techniques. I also met a number of wonderful characters online via YouTube or other blogs, and have a number of far flung experiments bubbling away in the background, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Tried and tested stalwarts... I'll be dreaming up new patterns whilst I settle into a rhythm this winter

Tried and tested stalwarts… I’ll be dreaming up new patterns whilst I settle into a rhythm this winter

I wish to thank all of you who visit my blog for the phenomenal support and encouragement I have received and I look forward to much fun in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading, please return soon!