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Gearing up for an awesome winter season

There are many ideas for blogposts swimming around in my mind at the moment  –  autumnal nights are drawing in however the uncharacteristic warm and dry evenings for this time of year have meant more time spent walking and less time writing. Having read extensively on the subject of performance optimisation and the intrinsic nature of excellence over the Summer, I am eager to take everything I learned whilst at the vice and on the Thames into the winter season at my local lake.

Basic casting technique is something that has to be practised regularly… From my catch catalogue page, you will see that apart from one dream sea trout and a very unlucky baitfish, the rest of my outings were blank days: I banked many valuable hours of casting practise and at last I am completely at home with my line basket to help protect loose line from being trodden into the mud or getting stuck amongst leaves.

On the vice, I sprang several leaps up the learning curve and feel more at home with a number of new tying techniques. I also met a number of wonderful characters online via YouTube or other blogs, and have a number of far flung experiments bubbling away in the background, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Tried and tested stalwarts... I'll be dreaming up new patterns whilst I settle into a rhythm this winter

Tried and tested stalwarts… I’ll be dreaming up new patterns whilst I settle into a rhythm this winter

I wish to thank all of you who visit my blog for the phenomenal support and encouragement I have received and I look forward to much fun in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading, please return soon!

Form and function – creating the ultimate fly is a lifetime’s work

Forethought and preparation play prominent roles in so many aspects of our lives. Rightly so – especially these days in our professional capacities or, say, when organising logistics for that once in a lifetime holiday. It’s exactly the same in fishing. Once you get to the water’s edge though, there is much to be said for spontaneity.

You have to be able to tune in and absorb everything around you… What’s actually happening under the water, on the surface, and in the sky? Is there a storm brewing? Is there a glut of insects or baitfish, or a spate of floodwater adding to the confusion? Are you frightening the fish? Knowing how to read and interpret all the signals, then to adapt to different conditions was crucial in bygone times when repeated failure to catch threatened our ancestors’ ability to survive. We are all descended from the ones who made it!

Nowadays for the vast majority of us, the consequences of failure are usually less drastic, however if we are open to learning, we can still tap into those in-built lessons. Keen observation, prudent choices and appropriate actions will mostly yield us the best chances of catching fish. Now for an ultimate truth: EVEN THE BEST ANGLERS HAVE BLANK DAYS!!

In my experience, these are usually the best days of all for they force one to really engage… To try everything. To pit oneself against Nature in all her dominant glory. Is it really that bad if you haven’t caught a fish? I may be incorrect, however I think it was Henry David Thoreau who stated “every day spent fishing is another day added to your Life” We cannot lose if that’s the case!

When I tie flies I’m looking for the answers to questions that only blank days can and will ask… What else can I add, or often more importantly, should I leave off the hook that will entice even the most stubborn of fish? I’ll sleep on these thoughts many times, revelling in dreams of pristine waters and untouched wilderness…

This fly caught eight fish in one day... On 24March 2012

This fly caught eight fish in one day… On 24March 2012

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