Conservation Conversation

FUN FACT: your biochemistry has altered radically since you started reading this page. The atoms and molecules that make up every organism in any given moment are not the same as they were yesterday, nor will they remain the same tomorrow. Even the oldest human on the planet spends a very short time alive in the big scheme of things. FUN FACT: every individual human being has the capacity for infinite good. Strangely, it is the little things that usually count the most… This page is dedicated to attitudes that help unlock infinite goodness in ALL OF US. Every single one of us makes a difference whether we are aware of it or not. There are like minded people ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! The more we are informed, the more we can contribute constructively and the more we can share knowledge and wisdom to help serve and protect the Great Outdoors.

This film is a feast for the senses and it carries a stunning message – huge respect to all who put it together!

Thank you for your visit, I look forward to your return.

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