I grew up in Africa, spending as much time as I could in the wild. Throughout most of my childhood if I was not actually trying to catch fish, I was avoiding crocodiles – busy making flies, lures and rods. The rest of the time I was reading about it!

Only take what you need and leave with dignity and honour

This tree took forever to grow… Whoever cut it down did so in one day.

Fascinated by the world we live in, I studied science, practised martial arts and immerse myself in the great outdoors whenever possible. I take great comfort from the fact that Nature is our best friend, especially when treated with the utmost respect.

12 responses to “About

  1. Great to see you´re well Mark !! Cheers!

  2. Thanks Justin! Welcome to metiefly all the way from Brazil 🙂

  3. Thanks for liking my latest posting at ukbirdingtimeline.com hopefully I’m back to the blogosphere for a good while now.

  4. Hi Mark, and many thanks for visiting us at DelawareValleyFlyFishers.org – this is a great site you have here. Your tying videos and discussions are great. If you don’t mind, I’ll include a link to your site from our “Smart Links” section soon. I hope you aren’t washed out by the flooding we’ve been reading about. We have about 150 miles of ice up-river and several warm, sunny days ahead – so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a gentle thaw.
    Looking forward to your next post –
    Wayne K

  5. Thanks for your kind words Wayne – and welcome to metiefly! Happy for you to link and will reciprocate in due course. Fingers crossed for the gentle thaw and a drier couple of weeks ahead on our side… Best regards – Mark

  6. Hi Mark, just to say a huge thank you for your generosity today at Syon Lake. The fly you very kindly gave to my son Oscar caught him two fine fish. This was our first foray into fly fishing (under the expert guidance of Robin Elwes) and you really made Oscar’s day. Needless to say, your fly now has pride of place in his box. All the very best and happy fishing. Neil B

  7. You are most welcome Neil! Few things bring me more joy than to see parents teaching their children to love and respect the Great Outdoors… It was my absolute pleasure to pass on a tiny piece of the magic of fly fishing – I sincerely hope Oscar’s (and Your!) fabulous debut blossoms into a lifetime of wonderful adventures. Well done to both of you! My best regards – Mark.

  8. Hi Mark,

    Hi Andrea,

    Many Thanks for the like at naturestimeline, much appreciated. I am now following your blog as I didn’t realise I wasn’t if I’m honest.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell

  9. Oops the “Andrea” reference was a “cut and paste” error, apologies.

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