preparing for grayling

I am almost bursting with excitement at the prospect of visiting some of fly fishing’s most hallowed waters. Regardless of the weather, on Saturday I will be up well before dawn and en route to fish for grayling on the famous River Test.

Although there is no telling what may bite my flies on the day, our main quarry will be grayling and I need to create some flies for the occasion. Gathering advice from some of my veteran flyfishing friends, I received one reply only two words long: SMALL FLIES

Chuckling to myself, I set about researching tried and tested patterns on the Internet. Various nymph patterns, freshwater shrimps and small Klinkhammers – that is what I shall be tying tonight.

Size 16 barbless hooks
Olive hackle
White Antron post
Two shades of olive embroidery thread
Peacock herl

No pictures yet as I haven’t made them yet – fingers crossed they come out well!

Thank you for reading, I look forward to your next visit.

5 responses to “preparing for grayling

  1. A couple of patterns that have never let me down are the Red Tag and a small grizzle hackle fly with a gold wire over purple floss, otherwise if the water is heavily coloured a weighted shrimp.

  2. Hope your lines were tight on such a special stretch of river! RH

    • Thank you for your kind words RH… You have NO idea how true your hopes are! Just finished posting my account of our experience… Enjoy! Best regards – metiefly

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