once in a blue moon…

Last Saturday we visited Orvis – at their newly opened flagship store on Regent Street. True to my high expectations, they have created a fine space, befitting of their core values, their trusted brand and exemplary service. Silver Birch tree trunks bring the Great Outdoors right inside, wooden fittings and tasteful decor sumptuously punctuated by stylish apparel and accessories lead shoppers through to a full range of fishing rods. A floor to ceiling bank of fly tying materials on the left hand side, lots of well crafted flies, literature and DVDs to the right, then follow round to spacious fitting rooms.

Jimmy Boyd and his team bustled about, expertly navigating the fine balance between ensuring everyone was catered for and affording them the space and time to browse and make wise choices. My Darling discovered and treated me to a much coveted DVD – click on this link for the award winning clip http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A4pOOMpFW_8

...the title says it all!

…the title says it all!

The story from 2009 is one that has fascinated me for some time now: once per decade a population explosion of mice in New Zealand’s most remote hideaways causes strange behaviour amongst a variety of underwater giants. Now a global phenomenon, On the Fly Productions has been lauded for their filmography: majestic landscapes and breathtaking underwater sequences make this a visual feast for fly fishers and non fly fishers alike. Definitely a wonderful treat if anyone is still looking for a last minute, fully worthwhile stocking filler.

Who knows how many times my copy will be watched and studied during winter nights as I indulge in my love of the great outdoors from the comfort of my living room…? If you have already seen it, or if you have caught trout in New Zealand I would love to know your thoughts – please drop me a comment below.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to your return!

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