full circle…

Back in March when I ventured into the world of blogging, I experimented with making videos of my favourite patterns… At the time, I knew the videos will put 99.9% of the world to sleep! I fully appreciate they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

My rather selfish understanding is that IF I can help one person learn how to make their own flies or persuade a novice to take a leap of faith and actually design their own pattern, then I will be grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to pass on all the tips and tricks that I have discovered over the last three decades… Sharing is a wonderful thing – especially considering those who continue to learn and grow their skills will also develop more compassion for Mother Nature. They will go on to protect our Natural World as they progress through Life.

On the day I blogged about the Argulus (‘underwater jump jockey’), the fish I caught was hoodwinked by the fly I made in my first tying video. For the duration of Summer, I had set that little fly to one side as a keepsake.

fly tying video no. 1 - size 16 gold bead deer hair damsel nymph

fly tying video no. 1 – size 16 gold bead deer hair damsel nymph

Here it is in action:

gold at the end of the rainbow...

gold at the end of the rainbow…

Hop over to my video page if you wish to watch the fly under construction. If you know anyone, especially a young person who would like to learn to tie flies, please send them a link to my blog and then take them fishing with their newly made creations. Guaranteed you will have fun and produce some sacred memories!

Thank you for reading – you are welcome to return anytime!

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