staying connected! – knot 2

The second knot of this series takes care of the next stage up from the previous knot that connects the fly to your tippet: use a double Surgeon’s knot to join two lengths of monofilament together with a low profile, symmetrical knot that does not kink the lines. I find it very useful when joining two different thicknesses of monofilament line, therefore if you need to create a progressive taper for dry fly fishing, this knot is ideal!

Without further ado, enjoy the video:

Note the importance of tightening all four strands simultaneously, in a symmetrical manner. Sometimes if the strands tighten at different rates, the knot kinks too tightly on one of the thin pieces of line, causing weakness and breakage. If this happens, take a deep breath and start again.

Lastly, develop the habit of moistening the line every time you tighten a fishing knot. Saliva works best to help each loop and fold settle into position correctly – tighten smoothly for best results.

Thank you for reading, please visit again soon!

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