underwater jump jockey

This afternoon I caught more than I had bargained for… The cold snap had switched the trout on and they were bustling with energy just under the surface, perfectly positioned on the fringe of a full cast’s length away. It was not too long before a corpulent (almost 3lb) rainbow succumbed to my size 16 gold bead, deer hair nymph. When the soft rain gave way to heavier drops, I called my visit to the lake short. Only a little while afterward, I discovered a disgruntled passenger whilst cleaning my prize.

Fascinated by it’s hard-as-nails tenacity, despite appearing very pretty and so delicate, I popped the little critter in a makeshift equivalent of a Petri dish for you. Whilst filming, I was treated to a front row display of some rather dashing aquatic acrobatics.

Perhaps you could let me know your suggestions of which soundtrack would be most appropriate for the footage!

Upon further research, I am slightly amazed at the number of different kinds of marine, estuarine and freshwater fish lice around the world: According to Wikipedia, genus Argulus alone has no less than 173 species! I have not identified this one beyond Genus level yet, so if anyone out there can kindly educate us, please do so by dropping a quick note in the comments.

Please do not be alarmed when you find these little creatures on a fish you catch – they are relatively harmless to wild fish (in most circumstances) and completely harmless to humans.

Thank you for reading, please visit again soon!


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