supermodel flyfisher

Fly fishing enriches people from all walks of life, and one may discover it’s joys at any stage… Just yesterday I met Ed, a relative newcomer to the sport and I could tell he is loving every minute. Judging from the exquisite flies he made himself, and the way his eyes lit up when describing his surprise that fly tying is actually enjoyable, I know he will derive much pleasure building his knowledge and expertise in the coming years.

My Darling Wife shared her cosmopolitan girl insights ( into the life and accomplishments of Karen Graham, a true champion of the Great Outdoors. After a phenomenal career in modelling (Estée Lauder‘s spokesperson for 15 years), Karen built a business as a professional guide and instructor. I find this inspirational as it resonates so well with the quote “You can have it all – perhaps not all at once!”

from this...

from this… this!

…to this!

Whether you are stuck in an office, juggling young children, or always on the road, fear not… Fly fishing is always available for when you do have a moment, and what a great goal for you to strive towards.

Thank you for reading, please return soon!

3 responses to “supermodel flyfisher

  1. Very inspiring blog; proving once again that amazing things can happen happen late in the game.

  2. Thank you so much for all your support! Much appreciated.

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