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weekend approaches!

I have mentioned this man elsewhere in my blog. He knows where...

I have mentioned this man elsewhere in my blog. He knows where…

And with it comes that wonderful sense of excitement in the pit of my stomach… Will I get the chance to unleash a few casts on Saturday? This time there’s no option of dodging gales and excusing myself over raindrops – wild horses will not hold me back!

I’m planning to test out some flies that I actually designed for saltwater species (spotted grunter in SA and bonefish…) They are mud prawn or common shrimp lookalikes and there is no telling how my local rainbows will react to them. I promise to report back in due course.

Many factors come together to determine how a particular pattern fares. In no specific order of importance, the following points come to mind:

Does it cast well?
Does it land well on the water?
Does it sink or float as required?
Does it attract strikes rather than nibbles or knocks?
Does it hook well?
Can you use it again after you’ve landed a lunker?

The best test I’ve carried out was on a day late in March last year. To see what would happen, I committed to one fly for my whole day’s fishing no matter what… Can you guess how many fish I caught?

Drop me your best guess and watch this space – over the weekend I’ll give you the answer and show you what is left of my most successful fly so far!

Have you got your own favourite? What’s your personal record on a single fly? I’d love to hear about it.

Before I sign off, start thinking about what pattern you would like to see in my next video and let me know.

Thanks for reading, please come back soon!