Daily Archives: March 16, 2013

First tying video – here goes!

Despite good intentions throughout the week, I chose to remain indoors today to learn how to create my first video rather than brave 7 Celsius with lashings of rain served by strong, gusty winds.

There was no doubting which will be the first pattern I put out there: I caught an 8lb 4oz rainbow trout early in December with a homemade deer hair damsel nymph. If we start with a proven champion and aim to get better every time then I know we’ll conjure up some awesome results as well as all the experiences that come with them.

Winter Beauty

The pattern that caught this fish is now my debut fly tying video – go ahead and make some of your own!

My hope is that in time I become slick enough to complete each fly within the timescales imposed by YouTube so each pattern fits on one video. Please drop me your thoughts on this, as there are two opposing forces at play here: If you are an experienced tier, you may wish to whizz through quick clips to grab ideas for patterns or tips so speed is of the essence. Alternatively, if you are new to the art you might prefer to view every step, with clearly explained theory and method in equal measure. Both scenarios have a place so I’m relying on you to please help me find the best balance… Already I’m warming to the idea of having two libraries – please drop me a comment with your preference.

The first video is my starting line in the sand. It is hopelessly poor in comparison to some of the best I’ve seen, yet at the same time, I’ll gladly stand behind it knowing that if I persist, I will get there. Now I’m counting on all of you for support, encouragement and criticism.

Thanks for reading, please come back soon!