Daily Archives: March 8, 2013

appreciation and sharing

Reflect on this:
Reflect on this...
“Give a boy a fish, you provide a meal.
Give him two fishes, you provide two meals.
Teach him to fish, he will eat forever…”

I am eternally grateful to my parents for instilling in me a true sense of wonder and such a deep appreciation for the natural world. They encouraged my insatiable quest for knowledge and selflessly nurtured within me the confidence to believe that wisdom will come, especially if one takes the time to quieten one’s mind and focus one’s thoughts. Patience is a virtue that has to be exercised… early on, through fishing, I learned that with practice I could teach myself how to tie strong knots. I also discovered it takes much longer to learn how to undo them (when it happens I am still amazed at how one piece of line spontaneously creates such impressive tangles!)

Conservation and appreciation of Nature is the primary focus of my blog – sustainable use of the outdoors with a view to unearth and hopefully master long forgotten traditions, celebrating experiences and, through teaching others, paving the way for new pathways into the future.

Life is an exciting adventure and we don’t know when it will end – let’s make it truly meaningful, include as many good things and inspire as many great people as we can.

Thank you for reading, please come back soon!